Telecom Auditing Services

  • Optimize your business telecom invoices to make hidden fees, overcharges and runaway bills a thing of the past.
  • Reduce the Cost of Your Telecom Bills
  • Capture cost savings by finding opportunities to reduce carrier fees and optimizing your expense management strategy.
  • Ensure Your Business Isn’t Being Overcharged
  • Get a thorough and comprehensive audit of your telecom spend to make sure you’re only spending on services you need.
  • Identify and Resolve Billing Errors and Rogue Spend
  • Put an end to costly errors like duplicate charges, unnecessary service charges, and out-of-sight service usage.
  • As one of the leading telecom consulting companies, we help you solve business challenges first and focus on technology second.

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    Proactive Telecom Auditing

    Our go-getter approach to auditing helps you uncover telecom discounts and eliminate errors in support of long-term business growth.

    Comprehensive Review
    We assess your business’s wired and wireless services, service records, and more to develop a plan that enables you to reduce telecom costs, improve service, and advance towards your business goals.

    Right-Size Solutions 
    A generic approach to telecom billing results in unnecessary charges and hidden fees. We tailor your solution to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need at the best price.

    Our Services in Numbers

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    We serve businesses across the US


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    Industry experience in past 3 decades

    Maintaining phone hardware can be a pain – especially for small businesses that have more pressing matters to address.
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    • Technical Knowledge
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    • Simple & Streamlined

    Telecom Cost Reductions

    Create a telecom solution that eliminates billing errors and gives you back full control of spend and invoicing.

    Reduce Overpayments
    Identify gaps and opportunities to cut costs with a thorough evaluation of your telecom bills and budget.

    Optimize Costs
    Tighten up contracts, eliminate rogue spend and expose hidden and duplicate charges that push up your telecom invoices.

    Industry-Leading Service

    Gain full insight into your telecom bills with a team that consolidates all your expenses and explains exactly what you are getting.

    Understanding Your Needs
    Understand the telecom services your business needs to bring costs under control and support growth. Our telecom bill auditing is proven to identify inefficiencies and generate effective recommendations.

    Providing Value
    Our focus is on getting you the most value out of what you spend. We make sure you don’t spend too much or too little on technology consulting services.

    Trusted Telecom Consulting

    Get unmatched value from a partner that helps clients reduce costs by 43% on average through preferred rates and cost-effective solutions.

    Guaranteed Lowest Prices
    Enjoy a competitive edge with telecom solutions that keep your business agile and lean. Select Communications is among the only telecom auditing companies that provide a written low price guarantee. Build a cost-effective, optimized telecom inventory with Select Communications.
    Telecommunications Industry Partnerships

    Get unrivaled value from your telecom consulting solutions by taking advantage of our relationships with more than 300 of the best technology providers. Get guaranteed, proven support for reducing telecom costs.


    When you partner with us, you add a team of specialized phone system and unified communications engineers whose sole job is to find you the best possible solution and carrier.

    In Minutes

    Your engineers compare dozens of possible carriers against your needs, including niche providers and Gartner’s top-ranking manufacturers.

    Low Rates

    No matter which collaboration solution you choose, we guarantee you’ll get lower rates from us than you’d get by going directly to a carrier.


    As in, your dedicated account manager is the one call you have to make for any questions or issues throughout the life of your investment.

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