Is your business prepared for the shift away from POTS phone lines? POTS (plain old telephone service) lines have been connecting critical systems, such as fire alarms, building entry systems, alarm panels, safety phones and security for many years.

Starting in 2023 Telecom providers are no longer obligated to maintain these outdated networks. Most providers have already decommissioned POTS lines, and the suppliers that are remaining are raising prices, sometimes as much as 400% to motivate customers to migrate off existing analog lines.

We provide our customers with the data, phone service and hardware to replace these dated POTS lines, all at one low monthly rate. Our average customer saves over 50% moving to our service.

Why organizations move to our POTS replacement service:

Cost Savings

Keep using your existing communications, life safety and alarm systems while cutting costs.

All-in-one Solutions

Reduce complexity with one provider – hardware, data, and phone service.

Stay Compliant

HIPAA, PCI, FCC, NFPA, and UL compliant.

Simple Access

Gain access to your devices remotely via web portal. Alerts can also be sent via SMS and email as system and connection events occur.

Backup Battery

Back up for at least 8 hours during power failures.

Easy Migration

Simple path to get started and a seamless transition.

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