Training Conferencing Solutions

Training customers, employees and partners is a key component to increasing product usage, selling your services and implementing new business processes. To teach everyone everything they need to know, you can fly people to a central location—requiring time out of the office and the usual travel expenses—or you can conduct training sessions online for a fraction of the time and cost.

By using Select Communications education conferencing solutions, you can:

  • Present instructional content to students, colleagues or new hires
  • Fulfill program instructions that can be compiled and mailed to trainees in advance of instruction
  • Record class sessions for later playback by students who missed a session
  • Allow students to attend CEL courses online from the comfort of their desks
  • Offer blended learning programs that combine instructor-led sessions with web-based trainings to provide the perfect learning environment

“Your services are there when I need it, without fail, making this a very reliable resource for our growing business and giving us the exposure to reach out to an expanded market with the appearance of us being a bigger player. Oh, and you guys do always follow-up. I’m happy.”

Johnny Kwan, CEO/Owner
RoadEx America

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