Operator-Assisted Audio

Full Service Operator-Assisted Calls

Operator-Assisted audio conference calling is a scalable, customized conferencing solution that lets you streamline and manage your most demanding conferences. Whether your audience is a dozen executives, investors and analysts or a 3,500 member sales force, Select Communications brings everyone together in one seamlessly planned, managed and executed event.

Our team of knowledgeable account managers will help you plan out the conference and customize it to your exact needs. We give you the call-in numbers (toll-free and local access) well in advance and gladly assist you with the invitations. Need registration services? We do that too. The call typically starts with participants dialing in and/or conference operators dialing out to each participant. From there, the conference call will flow however you like. Additionally, we can send you a recording on CD and a transcript, and allow invitees that missed the conference call, to call in to hear a digital recording.

Our Operator-Assisted services are for clients that require white glove treatment. Our operators will handle every detail of your call, from greeting conference participants as they dial into your call, to managing detailed question and answer sessions making your conference more professional, interactive, and engaging. No matter the number of participants, let us manage the details of your call so that you can focus on delivering the message.

Key Benefits

Operator-Assisted Conferencing Benefits

  • Track the effectiveness of your sessions with post-conference reporting
  • Provide a high-quality participant experience for optimal productivity and convenience
  • Enjoy a variety of easy-to-use services and features
  • Assistance from an expert and knowledgeable operator throughout your entire call
  • Multiple entry options to make it easy for participants to join the conference
  • Professional handling and management of all your call details


Deliver your message through a fully assisted audio conference

  • Conduct weekly status meetings and updates
  • Host cross-functional team meetings
  • Hold special event conference calls
  • Execute investor relations calls

Meet our team of experts and let them guide you step-by-step

Our specialists guide you through the whole process and recommend the best package to fit your needs:

  • A project manager helps you design your event
  • Specially trained conference operators are available for any live assistance
  • A team of technical experts including sound engineers help prepare your call

Local assistance in 15 languages

Vertical Solutions

Hands on assistance to ensure your success


Investor Relations

Quarterly announcements, crisis communication, press & media relations

Operator-Assisted services helps investor relations departments communicate internationally to their analysts and investors.

Event audio conferencing is a great tool to accelerate the communication process for important announcements.


New indication & drug/product updates, staff training, legal announcements

Operator-Assisted solutions allow healthcare organizations to effectively connect with key audiences while offering flexible access and convenience.

By communicating this way, you provide quick and cost effective announcements.

Internal Communications

Corporate communications, executive committees, CEO announcements

Your corporate communications aim at presenting to your audience your company strategy, goals, and awards in order to convey a professional image and reputation.

Select Communications helps you reach your corporate objectives while reducing the cost of your announcements and saving time.


Remote depositions, case reviews, contract negotiations, Continuing Legal Education

Our solution is specially designed for legal professionals to interact securely and efficiently with partners, clients, co-counsels, experts and associates.

Thanks to our billing, recording and tracking features, you simplify your legal communications.


Operator-Assisted Conferencing Features

  • Reservations made via telephone or online
  • Mute participants’ lines during your call and have the operator control the call in a lecture manner.
  • Question & Answer Session: Give your participants the opportunity to ask questions during the conference. Participants indicate that they have a question using their telephone keypad, while the operator manages the question queue in a professional and orderly fashion.
  • Recording: Operators will record your call for playback at a later time. Available on CD or electronic file
  • Participant Report: Capture your guests’ names, on-the-line times, phone numbers and up to four additional pieces of information you select as they dial into your event. This list is faxed or emailed to you for your reference; you’ll know who heard your message, who missed it and with whom to follow-up.
  • Polling: Use the operator to survey all conference participants. You determine the questions prior to the conference and participants respond using their telephone keypads. Polling allows you to collect instant feedback and increases participants’ involvement in the call. You receive a report with all responses that is organized by question and participant.
  • Event Registration: Manage your large conferences and keep track of participants. You decide what information you would like to gather from each registrant and choose from handy options such as email reminders and custom-scripted messages. With both phone and web access to choose from, you can construct an event registration program that best suits your needs.
  • Podcasting: Allow employees, customers or colleagues to listen to your recorded conference by downloading it from the Internet to a personal audio player (iPod) or aggregator (iTunes or Juice).
  • Event Plus: Expedite the entry into your large calls by having participants join your event faster through an automated process. Operator assistance is still provided to the leader and calls can have up to 10,000 participants.
  • Custom Script: Craft a special message for a welcome statement, Q&A session and/or closing comments. Your script is read by the operator during your teleconference. Custom Scripts offer you another way to personalize your calls.
  • Approved Participant List: Indicate which participants are scheduled to be on the conference when creating your reservation. At the time of the call, only those on the list will be joined to the conference.
  • Transcription: Receive a written record, either electronically or in hard copy, of what was said during the conference call. Transcriptions are helpful for identifying sound bytes and quotes for post-event press releases. Choose to transcribe the entire call or just the Q&A session. We provide several different delivery options to fit your specific needs.

“CCMP switched from another carrier that had been handling our highly confidential Operator Managed weekly call to Select Communications. From the beginning of the engagement, through the testing process and then the final implementation, Holly and her team at Select Communications were extraordinary. We had a very specific set of requirements for the call that were essential to the decision process and ultimate transition, including adherence to internal compliance requirements. Of course, pricing was also a critical factor and Select Communications was extremely aggressive and competitive. In the end, our end users are very happy and the service has been excellent.”

Robert Stabile, Vice President of Technology
CCMP Capital Advisors, LLC

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